Identity & Online Presence

Eliptik Magazine, Montreal (’15)

“Escape from daylight to flare up the night’s artificial light, and start again. While the electric incandescence benefits from the sun’s retreat, the social animal split between the culture of speed and Cartesian logic finds at night an organic rhythm filled with repetitive and synthetic musical sounds. Does this radiant and elliptical slip not bare the mark of our alterity? This is the time when the city feeds on the artifice of its own light, bridges the human arrogance that is a stamp of its own nature, of the urbanite who seems to want to reconnect to its original other. An act of resistance? Genesis of a counter-culture? We could refer back to Hakim Bey and "Temporary Autonomous Zone". It is from these contradictions and questions that the electronic scene feeds itself and upon which Montreal, as digital capital, is favoured.”

Logo, website, posters, flyers, business cards. Analog photography in collaboration with Gabrielle Gaf.


B.A. Graphic Design (’11—‘14), M.A. Digital & Visual Arts (‘14—‘16), University of Quebec in Montreal, UQAM


Freelance Graphic Designer at Atelier Kesa (’17—), Dystopian Records (’16—) and Aesthetical Recordings (’18—), open to new projects

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