Nina Langel

Creative Direction & Graphic Design
Selected Works

Artwork & Layout

PHI Center, Montreal (’16)

Visual Identity & Online Presence

Instant/s Festival, Montreal (’15)

Montreal based, Instant/s is tree days contemporary festival showcasing conferences,  projections and concerts. Taking place at renoun places like the Cinemathèque Québécoise or the Society of Arts and Technology, gathering avant-garde musicians like Jeff Mills, contemporary artists and experimental filmakers like Jacqueline Caux.

Development of the visual identity, animated logo, programmation booklet, multiple promotional posters/flyers and online presence.


Visual Identity & Online Presence

LTH Records, Berlin (’18)

Montreal based record label, Liberation Through Hearing invites to introspect and contemplate through the distribution of analog photography and music released on limited edition tapes, vinyl and in digital format.

Development of the visual identity and concept, picture selection, online presence and design of a unique boxette.

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Logo Identity Rework & Layout

Dystopian Records, Berlin (’17—’18)

Dystopian is a Berlin based record label & artist agency since 2012. Influenced by a dystopic society and industrial landscapes, taking inspiration in movies like Blade Runner or Metropolis, the label became one of the most representative of Berlin.

Logo (re)work, sometimes picture selection for their album covers, sometimes simply layout, design of mutiple posters and flyersm, merchandising. 

Founder & Art Director

Atelier Kesa, Berlin (’17—)

Inspired by the fabrication techniques of the Zen ceremonial vestment that is the Kesa, Atelier Kesa’s production process is meticulous and follows age-old traditions of handcrafting, infusing a deeper meaning to each pieces and empowering the wearer through simplicity, grace and mystery. 

Developement of the visual identity, online presence as well as picture selection for the social media channels and design of the bi-annual lookbook.

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Developping mysterious visuals with a strong focus on monochromatic tones and minimal lines.


Founder & Designer at Atelier Kesa (’17—), Freelancer at Dystopian Records (’16—) and LTH Records  (’18—)

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